Real-world SSD vs HDD: cvs2svn speed

This just absolutely blew my mind so I figured I'd post a quick note about it. I have to convert a CVS repository to SVN and this is a big repository, over 33k commits to it spanning a decade. In my trial runs, using cvs2svn resulted in it taking just shy of 11.5hrs to complete, on the HDD (I have an SSD in my workstation for everything and a 2TB HDD for storage ...

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SSD Speed-ups on Mac Pro

I have an SSD in my Fedora workstation for my rq tool, specifically for the MySQL database. The speed increase there, because it was dealing with huge amounts of data, was very welcome -- not so much for importing (speed there didn't much increase since all the files being operated on were on the HDD), but for querying it is wicked fast. Besides that, and the built-in SSD of my MacBook Air, ...

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