I invite you to join me as I talk about faith and the disciplined Christian life. While the vast majority of the rest of this site deals with things of a technical nature, the podcasts are a place for me to talk about the more esoteric parts of my life that tend not to "shine" very much as part of my online persona. This is where I have the opportunity to talk about my faith, Christianity in general, and my own walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Faithfulness of God

April 18, 2017

God is a faithful God. He is a God of covenant. In this podcast we look briefly at the faithfulness of God, a recap of what I spoke a week ago at Christcity Church on a Tuesday night.


December 23, 2016

Panic. Anxiety. Fear. What does the Bible say about these things? How can we lean on God's Word to fight crippling anxiety, panic attacks, and debilitating fear? It actually says a lot to the child of God.

Radical Love

December 19, 2016

The last commandment Jesus gave His disciples was to love one another as He loved them. What did this mean to them and, more importantly, what does that mean to those claiming to be Jesus' disciples today?

The Gift of Salvation

December 07, 2016

God's gift of salvation.. is it really "free"? Is it really without cost? Instead of listening to opinions of people, if we believe in the Bible our basis for answering this question should be what it says, not what man says.

Podcasting Introduction

December 01, 2016

Who am I and why am I podcasting (and what will I be podcasting about)? I invite you to find out!