It’s been a fantastic 15 years at Red Hat as of today. Started as a Senior Software Engineer on a very small team focused on incident response for two products (RHEL and JBoss EAP) to end up leading a large organization focused on a significant number of products and services with the scope to handle incident response, compliance and certifications, secure development efforts, and supply chain infrastructure.

We’ve not just grown significantly in the number of people, but also scope and responsibility. It has been a crazy journey over the last 15 years. When I look at who I was as a person 15 years ago compared to today.. that change is just as transformational as the organizational changes have been. I can take credit for one, and hope that I made a good difference with the other!

Here’s to the next many years with Red Hat Product Security. Not sure how much sleeve we have left to roll up because we’ve been rolling up sleeves for a long time. Maybe we don’t need sleeves anymore because this is just what we do. We dig in and get it done.

So while it’s my anniversary, I really want to give a shoutout to my team. I work with some of the best people in the industry who truly give so much of themselves to Red Hat, to Product Security and to our customers. We try to do as much of the hard work as we can to keep our customers safe and able to focus on the things that truly matter to them. That’s the whole point. We’re successful when our customers are successful (and safe). We’ve never stopped and we’re not going to. So I raise my 🍷 to the fine folks in Product Security who’ve rolled up their sleeves and in some cases ripped them off to do what we need to get done. You all make me so proud!

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