Hopefully no one will have noticed, but earlier this weekend I moved the Annvix (and linsec.ca, mandriva.vmlinuz.ca, and other sites) over to an x86_64 system from an x86 system.

With a spanky powerful build system now (dual Opteron), I had an extra athlon64 system no longer doing much of anything and while I contemplated turning it into a test system, turning it into a live web server would make it more of a test system than anything else I could do with it.

So this site is now running on Annvix 1.0-RELEASE/x86_64 rather than the x86 variant and the changeover was quite smooth. There was very little required to do, and I think I found maybe two bugs to fix before it could be done, which means that the x86_64 port turned out quite well. I’m pleased with that.

Now that this changeover is complete, I hope to have more time working on the baseline changes of Annvix (namely redoing and changing some of the SSP bits between glibc and gcc). Once that’s done, time for a big recompile. Oh well.

Phase one is complete.

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