Seems like I’m writing quite a bit about OS X. Sorry, it’s so new and there’s some cool features in it. Like AutoFS finally working (more or less) properly out of the box. It works, but the NFS exports need to be exported to the server with the “insecure” option. I don’t like that very much, but that’s the only way it currently works. Some sites I’ve looked at recommend doing something like this in /etc/exports:

/mnt/export *(rw,insecure,no_root_squash)

That’s absolutely horrifying. For one, there’s no real reason to have no_root_squash. For two, you didn’t really want to export everything like that, right? Best have some IP restrictions in there or something. I’d use:

/mnt/export odin(rw,insecure)

instead. Replace “odin” with an IP address if you don’t use DNS (I have my own DNS domain for my LAN simply due to all the machines and virtual machines here). Then you can poke around, on the leopard box, in /net/foo/mnt/export to get all your files, without any additional configuration on the client.

Unfortunately, /net is a “hidden” directory, so it won’t show up in the Finder, and there’s nothing in the sidebar about the connected servers, which sucks. PathFinder is worse tho… if you navigate to /net (by telling it to show invisibles), all of a sudden every share shows up as mounted in the PathFinder sidebar. Ouch! To make life easier, you may want to do this:

$ cd ~
$ ln -s /net .

Then you can navigate it in the Finder via ~/net/.

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