The web cracks me up. I’ve been writing for TechRepublic for about 6-7 years now, and every month I write these little tips called “TechMails”. They don’t pay a whole lot, but I enjoy doing it as it gives me a reason to look at new and different things, which keeps me (moderately) fresh on new stuff that’s happening.

As a result of adding tcb support into Annvix recently, I used that as a TechMail topic that went up just a little while ago. TechMails don’t allow me the depth that I’d like to get, so they sometimes end up being a quick pass at something intended to get the reader interested in something they may never have heard of before and go check it out for themself if what I’ve written about sounds interesting to them.

Well, this morning I see on Linux Today a title that looks awfully familiar, so I go check it out and it leads me to this article on Builder AU. Now, Builder AU seems to be the “australian” which is owned by CNET, as is TechRepublic (I’ve written a few things for in the past too). It just cracks me up that the TechMail originally written for TechRepublic with it’s home here ended up on the Australian version of The title of the article, btw, is “Migrating from shadow passwords to tcb in Linux” and I really recommend it to anyone who (or any distro) that wants to step up the local password security of their system/distro. It works fantastic. (Thanks, Solar!)

FWIW, if anyone wants more info, it’s pretty easy to implement although it does require a few compiles/recompiles and a wee bit of patching. The original article on TechRepublic there covers a bit, the Openwall tcb page covers more, and the Annvix documentation on tcb covers some more functional implementation areas (a HOWTO, of sorts, on how to get the system using tcb after everything is built and installed).

Anyways, I just found this amusing this morning and thought I’d share it.

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