As much fun as I had in France, I’m sure glad to be back in Canada. Six more hours until I get to see my girls! Can’t wait.

France was fun, so thank you again, Anne, for pushing to get me to go. Very much appreciated. Despite leaving my iPod in Anne’s place, which made for the 8.5hr flight back from France to Toronto quite annoying (that and the kid who wouldn’t shut up), I don’t think I left anything else behind. It was great to finally meet folks like fcrozat and blino… saw tvignaud once, I think, but didn’t see him much more than that. Got to meet Francois, and definitely had a blast with Anne, Erwan, and Oden. Thanks again, Anne and Erwan, for putting up with Oden and I and taking us around to see stuff. It was great to be able to check out stuff “live” that I would otherwise only see in the Davinci Code. =)

So now I have 2hrs to kill at the airport with only 57% battery and no plugins in site. Oh well. Not like I’m motivated to do much anyways… I was up at 6:30am Paris time (which is 10:30pm Edmonton time). So, by the time I get home, it’ll have been just under 24hrs (my plane lands at 9:10pm in Edmonton, so by the time I get my baggage and get home, it should be just after 10pm). Talk about a long day.

Well, this was definitely an adventure. I can definitely do this again… in another 8 years. =) Oh, speaking of which, Sunday was my 8-year anniversary with Mandriva (June 1st). So it was kinda nice to be in Paris on the date of my anniversary with the company.

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