Seven weeks ago I setup a local copy of Bugzilla 3.2rc1 to test the upgrade/migration from 3.0.5, using the templates and data from Mandriva’s bugzilla. Tonight it went live on Although it could have gone up 6 weeks ago, due to the release of 2009.0 coming up (which always leads to a massive influx of bug reports both before and after a release) we decided to wait for a few weeks after 2009.0 was released.

The upgrade went quite smooth (due to the preparation and, most importantly, notes taken from the testing almost two months ago), so everything should be up and running in good order. If there are issues, feel free to comment to me directly or file a bug report. I think, however, that users will find the new version of Bugzilla contains some welcome features and I also took the opportunity to change the layout somewhat to make it adhere more to web standards (such as making font resizing easier, etc.). I also condensed the layout somewhat by using the default Bugzilla templates and re-working them from scratch.

I hope everyone likes it. There will probably be more tweaks coming and rc2 is supposed to be coming out fairly soon from what I’ve heard, so there will still be changes forthcoming, although I hope they are more minor than what changed tonight. I’m also hoping this will improve performance somewhat as Bugzilla 3.2 is using InnoDB rather than MyISAM storage types, which from my understanding should also help improve performance.

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