Well, that was pretty easy to figure out. As per my last post, I was going to try to break out the AIDE+gpg part of the Annvix tools subversion repo to be it’s own git repo. It was scary simple.

First, the location of AIDE+gpg in the subversion repo was “tools/AIDE+gpg” and it had one sub-directory, “trunk”. I never did end up using tags or branches or anything there. So the entire step from start to finish to do it was as follows:

git init AIDE
echo "vdanen = Vincent Danen <[my email]>" >authors.txt
git svn init -T trunk svn+ssh://[repo]/tools/AIDE+gpg --no-metadata 
git svn fetch -A authors.txt
git init --bare ../tmp
cd ../tmp
git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/trunk
cd ../AIDE
git remote add bare ../tmp
git config remote.bare.push 'refs/remotes/*:refs/heads/*'
git push bare
cd ../tmp
git branch -a
git branch -m trunk master
mv tmp AIDE+gpg.git

Presto. Done. Apparently I should now put this repo somewhere public (like github). I will figure that part out after lunch.

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