A post on Planet Fedora from Nicu (What is YOUR Elvish name?) caught my attention this morning and since I’m a big Tolkien fan, I embarked to find out how cool (or not) my elvish name would be. Using the same references (thanks, Nicu, for linking them all!) I found out that my Sindarin name is kinda cool but the Quenya name is kinda blah.

Anyways, Vincent is derived from the Latin Vincentius (conquering) which comes from the Latin word vincere (to conquer). It can also mean “victorious”. Looking it up in the Sindarin dictionary, I found conquer is “orthor” and to is “an”, so “to conquer” would be “an orthor”. It also notes “victory” as “tûr”.

Looking at the name Elvish name translations, it has Vincent listed as meaning “victorious” with the elvish name being Turin (Tûrin would probably be more accurate). The Quenya name translation would be Mapalon (it uses “conqueror” rather than “victorious”). Of the two, I like Turin better.

Also, for kicks, went and looked for my wife’s name (Angela: Aini in Quenya and Valadhiel in Sendarin. Sendarin sounds much cooler than Quenya in both cases.

Finding one for my daughter is hard, so I’ll have to use the dictionary and make it up myself I think. Funny, as a boy’s name Jayden means “God has heard”, and as a girl’s name it’s a variant of Jade (the jewel). So if we use the jewel-name basis (which me and my wife never have), then her Sindarin name would be “Calenmiriel” although I distrust that as the meaning of the name on that page is “orange jewel” but as we all know, jade is green (bone heads). Using the dictionary, we get “mîr” for jewel and “calen” for green, so I guess Calenmiriel isn’t so far off. And since there seem to be no Sindarin words for “God”, “has”, or “heard” I suppose Calenmiriel will have to be it (although if you look at the Sindarin name page, “God” would be “Eru” and the closest thing to “hearing” would be “Lathronniel”, so maybe Erulathronniel for “God hearing” (which is close enough to “God has heard” for me)).

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