This may be of interest to some people, but it’s more of interest to me. Below are links to my current EQ2 characters. Yes, most of them are pretty sucky right now, but I’m working on it (it’s not like I have tonnes of spare time!). Right now my main is a druid barbarian chick and my secondary working is an in-the-works froglok paladin.

Trinjade - currently a level 18 barbarian druid

Crroakk - currently a level 6 froglok fighter

Damzig - currently a level 9 dwarf fighter (can you believe it wouldn’t let me use Danzig?!?)

Nikodemus - currently a level 10 ratonga predator (anyone watch the Secret of Nimh?)

Anomander - currently a level 6 dark elf priest (named after a big bad cool dude in Steven Erikson‘s awesome novels)

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