Well, I’ve had it. Spam is driving me nuts. My spamassassin/RBL lists/etc. setup was working really well for a long time but now more and more spam is getting through and it’s nothing if not pissing me off. Strange thing is, I get a lot more spam on my Mandriva email than I do on the personal side, but more spam makes it to the folders on the personal side than Mandriva (mind you, with Mandriva’s mail I’m using Mail.app with the excellent SpamSieve application which is catching the 10% that Mandriva’s servers is letting through).

On the personal side, I’m going back to TMDA. Screw it. I was using it and had 100% success with it for months… but I was also getting my Mandriva mail forwarded to my personal account, which was causing issues (when you email security_at_mandriva.com you really should have your mail get through and not a challenge-response). But, now that my personal and Mandriva mails are 100% separate (even to the point of two distinct email clients), it’s back to TMDA and the good life on the personal side of my mail. SpamSieve works awesome with Mail.app and I know TMDA will work awesome on the mutt side.

I’d make SA more aggressive, but I don’t want to piss off any clients who might like to get… ahem… certain emails. So although I have my threshold set quite aggressively, it’s not as aggressive as I’d like and I’d have to over-complicate my setup to get per-user SA settings in there. If I have to go through the complexity, I’d rather do it for something I know is 100% effective.

And for all you anti-TMDA folk out there… when I was running TMDA, the people who complained the most were the people who didn’t know me. Since my personal email is just that, personal, most people will know me and if they wrote to me then it’s important to them I get it, and they will reply to challenge-responses (those few who won’t be immediately in my whitelist, that is). For the rest… I don’t particularly care if their mails get through.. what they send me is obviously more important to them than me, so if it’s that important, they can deal with the challenge-response.. once.

I can’t wait… only irritates me that tomorrow isn’t Saturday since I’d rather muck up my exim config on the weekend when I can do it all than during the week. =)

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