According to most gaming sites, Guitar Hero III is supposed to be released on October 28th. Either it got pushed forward, or I lucked out and my local Walmart screwed up big because when I was out buying picture frames, I decided to see if Conan (which was supposed to be released today) had come out… lo and behold, I walked out of Walmart with the single copy of Guitar Hero III they had on the shelves. I presume they had more copies and sold them already, but I don’t know for sure.

Anyways, on medium difficulty I’m ranked 104 of 184… and it was 182 earlier this evening so I’m presuming that more copies either got mistakenly sold a week early or it’s already out (but since I didn’t see it any other stores I looked at today to get Conan, I think someone let it go early).

Should probably be finished it tomorrow… too tired to play more tonight. Definitely has some cool songs tho. =) Guitar Hero II is still selling like crazy tho… on the 18th there were 898243 users on the leaderboards (at which point I was ranked 119207), and as of the 21st, which was the last time I checked the leaderboards, I was ranked 115949 of 908952. Gotta keep track of these scores somehow and the blog seems like the best place to do it.

Oh, and I have a receipt to prove I actually did buy it from Walmart tonight, before anyone starts thinking I downloaded it or something stupid like that. Kinda ticked that I didn’t walk away with Conan, but I’ll take Guitar Hero III… for now.

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