The cool thing about Guitar Hero III is that you can view stats online. This is nice because the stat-viewer in the game sucks compared to Guitar Hero II. Anyways, here’s the link to my Guitar Hero statistics.

On a side note, I’ve found that in some ways GH3 is both easier and harder than previous GH games. I also found that I much prefer the layout and whatnot of GH3 to the previous games. Oh, and the newer guitars are much better than the older ones. Tried playing GH2 on PS2 yesterday and I sucked more on it than I do on GH2 on xbox360. Dunno if it’s the guitars themselves or how it shows on the screen (graphics look kinda sucky, and there’s a definite lag and the calibration seems to have made it better but not perfect).

Oh, and Cowboys from Hell on the first Guitar Hero is still the only song I’ve not gotten 5 stars on in medium. Yeah, I’m not so good I can play stuff on hard/expert very well (hard I’m actually doing moderately ok at in that I’m half-way thru it, but with average 3 stars per song — expert is out of the question). Dang Pantera! Although, I honestly suspect that if they made Cowboys from Hell downloadable for GH2 or GH3, I might get my 5 stars… hammer-on’s I find are dang-near impossible on the first GH.

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