Does anyone know of such a beast? Last night I had to drive to my mother’s place as she insisted there was a problem with her email and needed me to come check it out. Sadly, it was due to the Buzz stuff and if she actually read the page, she’d have seen the “skip the Buzz, take me to my inbox” link. Instead, I arrived to a half-dozen firefox windows open to the same Buzz introduction page.

In light of that, I know I can setup VNC or NX or whatever to get onto her computer. That’s fine, but I’d like something like iChat that does screen sharing so I can see what silly thing she’s doing and prevent me from getting in the car in the first place (not that I dislike visiting my mother, understand, but this is a fairly routine occurrence that would best be done by remote since I’m not so good at hiding the irritation in my face).

I’m not aware of anything that can do this… is there something out there that will do the trick? Right now she’s running Mandriva 2009.0, but I plan to upgrade that to Fedora 12 one of these days.

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