I love hearing about the iPhone. I've seen pictures. It's pretty slick. Looks really nice. Now throw Palm OS on there and then we're talking. Sorry, but I've already got an ipod (well, two actually... no... three including the wife's shuffle), so I really don't need another one. The touchscreen is nice but it's a phone... so not only do you get facial grease on it, but you also get fingerprints.

And apps? What apps? With Apple being very vague on that front, I'd be waiting a year or two to see what materializes. I don't want a phone that just syncs with iCal/AddressBook (my Treo does that already), nor do I just want a glorified ipod (got three, thanks, the Treo also plays music). What I really want is what my Treo has now... the ability to look at and edit excel spreadsheets, word documents, play Bejeweled 2, mahjongg, and sudoko, synchronize with my filemaker pro (exceptionally handy!) and do the hundred other things this goofy little phone does.

Yes, Apple wins hands down on style... the iPhone is very slick looking. But when it comes to features... will it be as slick as my Treo? I dunno. If I leave home without my ipod I don't much care. But leaving home without my palm is bad news and the Treo makes me take it with me.