Well, I’ve been asking for it for about 2 years now but ActiveState has finally come out with an OS X native version of the Komodo IDE. Is it too late? I dunno… I’ve been using Zend Studio for a while now and I’ve come to really like it. The latest version with the code folding is really nice (well, other features as well, of course). So I’ve got the ability to use the OS X version of Komodo now due to my licenses for the Windows/Linux version. I played with the beta a bit, but didn’t have much time to really get into it… seemed ok tho.

Will I use it as a PHP IDE, which is what I originally got it for? I’m not sure… Zend Studio does pretty good there. I’ll have to fiddle with it and see which I like better. Komodo also does Perl, Tcl, Python, and now Ruby too, so it’s a more overall IDE than Zend Studio. Cool, but I’m primarily a PHP coder so it doesn’t matter so much to me… =)

Time will tell I guess. I’ll do some work with it and see how I like. I haven’t much done anything with Komodo since I moved my desktops to either OS X or Mandriva/x86_64 and since Komodo was a 32bit app, with no 64bit version, it caused me nothing but grief on Mandriva/x86_64 (which is why I went to Zend). I would have been more than happy to work with Komodo on my laptop if it worked. I’ll make some notes as to which I like better once I’ve had more of a chance to play with it.

Geez… this is getting silly. Zend Studio, Komdo, BBEdit, Xcode, vim… I think I’ve got every language covered now.. =)

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