Spammers irritate the heck out of me. And due to the open nature of TWiki, they’ve begun to take advantage of it and start including little hidden spam links on the site. I’m sorry to generalize, but every one of these spammers have been Chinese. It’s very very annoying. They’ve been doing this with the Mandrake Community Wiki which I also host, but that site is really large and has quite a number of contributors. The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing about not having really any contributors to is that I can arbitrarily change the format of my site without worrying about it affecting anyone other than those who have pages bookmarked… for that I apologize.

At any rate, the transition is done and all of the pages are finally over into the new “semi-static” format. The content is the same although I did try to clean up a few things… but I may have also left a mess from the TWiki conversion. Hopefully if anyone notices any of these artifacts, they’ll let me know so I can clean them up as well.

I also added the djbdns and qmail articles that I wrote and that were on the (now defunct) MandrakeSecure website in the past. They’re dated, but then again, the software itself hasn’t had updates in ages so I guess the info is still relevant.

There is one doc that I want to carry forward from the old site called “Introduction to msec” but I need to sit down and re-work it so that it’s still valid as I originally wrote the old article for Mandrakelinux 8.2. I’ll need to update it for 10.2 (sorry, Limited Edition 2005) one of these days.

My next big “project” is to setup a Kerberos5 system on my local LAN and although I wrote a two-part series for TechRepublic over 4 years ago, I think I can do better than to just re-type the old docs (which were a little brief due to size constraints). I think that should make for an interesting article, and then an article to tie both Kerberos5 and LDAP together should be interesting as well.

And, of course, documenting OS X as a client for a LDAP-based authentication system (which I haven’t gotten to work yet), and including Kerberos (which, by the sounds of things, may be the easier part), will really make for an interesting set of articles.

Of course, I’m open to suggestions for new articles. I’m also really open to donations if you do have a suggestion… =) Considering the huge (relatively speaking) number of hits some of these articles have had, I’m actually amazed that someone hasn’t thrown a few bucks my way but oh well… I’ve become used to it (if anyone knows about the Anthill project they’ll know what I mean). At any rate, if you do have something you’d like to see me cover, I’d really like to see you pony up for it (after all, I’d be writing about something interesting to you, not necessarily interesting to me).

Also, I do book reviews! Send me a book, I’ll read it and review it. All I want out of the deal is to keep the book (which is a great deal for me for good books, not such a good deal for crappy ones).

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze a little extra time into documenting different things, although I think from this point forward they will be taking a decidedly Annvix slant unless it’s on some software that Annvix doesn’t ship (at which point it will be based on Mandrakelinux). Of course, if it’s something applicable to both, then I’ll note both (primarily because Annvix is service-based and Mandrakelinux is initscripts-based).

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