The site has had a few changes and this is due primarily to the fact that chinese spammers are abusing the wiki. So, in the interests of keeping my sanity, I’ve decided to make all the articles on static meaning no more wiki…. This may make for a bit of a nuisance for some people as they’ve bookmarked the wiki links, but oh well.

At the same time I’ve decided to make a blog… it’s the latest “thing” after all. Here I can discuss things related to things that I do, be it hobbies, computer-related stuff (Annvix,, etc.). Don’t expect any Mandrake-related ranting, however… unlike some people, I’m smart enough to vent in private and keep my mouth shut in public. I do want to keep my job, after all.. =)

So, yeah, there will be a transitional period for linsec as I pull out all of the wiki content and reformat it to work with the new static pages so some articles may be unavailable until I get around to doing it all.

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