Blogging has been on my short list the last two weeks. Yesterday the contractor we hired finally finished putting up new insulation and vinyl siding on the house, and I have to admit he did a fantastic job and it looks bloody sharp. Pics to come (the eavestrough isn’t up yet, a different sub-contracted company does that, so the house looks a bit weird without it, hence no pictures yet). Oh, and I painted the front door red. Somewhat strange, but my wife likes it and oddly enough it does look pretty neat.

I had to put my cat to sleep last week. Tika, who was 17, was down to 4.5lbs (down from 7.5lbs in May, and about 14 or 15lbs a year ago). Not sure what was wrong with her, but she wasn’t eating, was suffering from muscle weakness (started falling when she walked and sliding off the couch when she slept). If she was in pain, she kept it to herself. Instead of trying to do diagnostics and all kinds of (expensive) treatment, we opted to just put her down. I think that was for the best; I honestly don’t think she would have lasted the week and my daughter was quite upset about her falling and stuff, so although it sucked horribly, it was the best thing to do. That was my Tuesday last week.

Then Friday we got a new Maine Coon kitty who is completely white with a grey smudge on the top of his head. Feisty little turkey. His name is Sammy and he’s 2mos old and a complete nutjob. But he really likes my daughter and likes to cuddle and most importantly he’s taken our mind of the loss of Tika. His paws are huge though… he’s going to be one big cat for sure. Today he and Pepper started wrestling without growls.. definitely a good sign. Pics of him will come soon enough (he’s exceptionally cute).

And my father is currently in Malaysia getting married. That’ll sure make things different as well when they get back.

Interesting times. Been distracted the last few weeks as a result but with the home reno’s done, and the cats getting along, that’s a little less to worry about. Maybe two weeks of peace before my dad gets back and the ruckus starts again. =)

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