My one gripe a few months ago about OS X was the lack of sshfs and fuse support... I wrote about this for a TechRepublic tip quite a few months ago and when I did I was pretty ticked that it didn't work on OS X (sshfs absolutely rocks!). Anyways, the fine folks at Google have created MacFUSE and I got around to installing it this morning. Very slick. Unfortunately, the that you can use with it doesn't have a very nice frontend, and this other GUI frontend I found called Secure Remote Disk is only marginally better.

Reading a thread on the PathFinder forums (sshfs volumes don't show up as volumes in PathFinder yet although they do in the Finder), I saw a shellscript posted that was a little better than the quicky I whipped up, so it inspired me to write an even better one that puts these GUI apps to shame (I think).

You can grab it here: sshfsmount. Save it to disk, make it executable, and put it somewhere like ~/bin or /usr/local/bin. The options are pretty straightforward, use "sshfsmount -h" to get help.

Others would ask for donations (ala the Secure Remote Disk fellow), but it took me maybe 20 minutes to whip this up, so I won't ask for any donations. However, if you do feel like donating, I won't stop you. =) Hit the main page for a PayPal button if you're so inclined.

Oh, and I suppose this would work as a login item and can probably be called via applescript to mount multiple sshfs mount points at login although I haven't tried.