I’ve reorganized my main linsec.ca site a bit. I’ve moved everything into MediaWiki (yes, I’m finding I’m in love with that silly thing). Mostly because it’s just more convenient to edit and nicer to keep track of statistics with. I’ve also taken some content from my vmlinuz.ca site and merged it in, meaning that when the vmlinuz.ca site is up for renewal I’m just going to not bother renewing it. There really wasn’t much of anything overly special on that site and it’s largely been neglected so this was a good way to push everything together into one site.

Anyways, I tried to keep some redirects in place for some of the more common articles that were being viewed, so hopefully folks coming from Google and other places won’t get lost, and file links that I’ve posted here (such as the MAMP plist files and the radeon xorg.conf file) will still resolve without tossing out the mediawiki-equivalent of a 404 error.

Actually, redoing this was a bit of an eye opener… man my HTML was sloppy. The conversion from TWiki to static html a few years back did not go well (and yet it goes to show how forgiving some browsers can be since I never noticed a bunch of these problems until my conversion stuff skipped over them due to missing quotes and such).

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