I always like the week or two before a release. While the other developers are busting their butts trying to get things finished for the upcoming release, I actually get to take a bit of a breather, largely because I don’t like duplicating effort so any non-essential updates get to take a bit of a break until the next version comes out, so I can do an update once, instead of twice.

Of course, once the release is out and the developers get to take a bit of a breather, my workload doubles (sometimes triples) because not only do I have to deal with those updates that had taken a break for a few days, but the inundation of bugfix requests really comes in. It’s no secret that the bulk of bugfix updates come out in the 2-3 weeks post-release.

So… welcome Mandriva 2008! You’re a very pretty beast (and now that you’re out I get to play with you some more and see what you’ve got hiding up your sleeves (I don’t have an opporunity or the time to fiddle with cooker too much)), and I’m sure I will be cursing you before the week is out. =)

Cursing in a good way, of course (well, I hope).

Anyways, congratulations to the development team on what looks to be a fantastic release (I’ve installed the RC’s on two systems and despite some X quirks that I worked around (using my old xorg.conf), it looks pretty solid.

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