Well, I’ve decided that since it’s been over a month now and no one has decided yet on what software to use (apparently there’s one hold-out for xwiki while everyone else wants mediawiki… hello… VETO!), I’ve decided to make it monumentally in mediawiki’s favor by cramming so much bloody content onto the in-the-works conversion site I initially set up to make it feel like it’s not worth it throw all my effort away. =) How’s that for sneaky?

Errr.. hmmm… admitting this on my blog defeats the purpose of being sneaky doesn’t it?

Sorry, long day. Two days actually. I’ve converted a fair chunk of content over in the last two days… a week of that would probably result in the entire twiki site being converted.

Anyways, my eyes are tired and my arms (and ass) are sore so I’m gonna go read a book or just listen to my ipod. Had to note, however, that this isn’t being let go… using Thierry’s conversion script that we both worked on (he more than I) I’ve been cruising. It’s not 100%, but it’s pretty good and I’ve probably gone 2-3x (if not more) faster because of it.

Lots of work yet, but I think it’s coming along nicely.

(Ok Planet Mandriva… do your thing and inspire the hordes to demand a mediawiki-based replacement to that god-awful mess we currently have!)

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