One of my last TechMails to ever be published by TechRepublic is Nagios XI wizards make setup a snap for network monitoring. This tip looks at using Nagios XI, a really slick commercially-backed install of Nagios with a really incredible GUI frontend for configuring Nagios. Anyone who has configured Nagios by hand using vim and a stack of text files will appreciate the web interface to configure it from top to bottom.

This is also one of the last TechMails that TechRepublic will be publishing that I’ve written. There might be one or two more in the queue yet, I can’t remember if everything I’ve submitted has been published or not. It has been almost 12 years of writing monthly for TechRepublic — initially as full length articles and the last few years as blog-style tips (which are both easier and harder to write; you get less words and more topics to cover in a month). The last year or so I’ve also been writing Mac tips for TechRepublic, as one of the original contributors to the Mac track.

Twelve years is a long time, so it is with mixed feelings that I gave my resignation to TechRepublic last month. I’ve worked with some really great editors: Jack, Sonja, Selena… you guys have been great to work with and I will definitely miss working with you. I think, after a respite from technical writing, that I’ll work on updating some of the documentation I have on the wiki, and hopefully finish off a few more that I’ve started but never completed. At least writing for my own wiki there are no deadlines, no wracking the brain for various topics that appeal to a larger crowd (I can concentrate on the niche security/sysadmin stuff that I enjoy), so it should be a little more relaxed and hobby-ish, rather than feeling like “real work”.

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