Well, today is my last day and so without much fanfare I say “adieu” to Mandriva.

As the title indicates, never a dull moment. You get spoiled with new stuff, then have to go back and re-setup old stuff. Part of this switch for Oden is that the build system goes with him, but of course it’s cheaper to just get him new equipment than to send my aging stuff. No problem there, and probably better. Except that my host was 2008.1, his is 2009.0 due to some problems with 2008.1 he was having. Then all kinds of crap started going sideways.

Fortunately, I managed to get it all sorted out. Unfortunately, it came in really close as Mandriva only gave me a week to get Oden up to speed. I leave him in Gustavo’s capable hands because, well, I had my hands full getting the new machine up to speed, nevermind Oden himself. Oh well. Another week would have been great, but we weren’t given it. I’m sure he’ll be able to get his head wrapped around it all. =) If nothing else, it all seems to be working.

So my last week at Mandriva was exciting, frustrating as hell trying to get chroots of Corporate Server 3 installed on a 2009.0 host, and mind-numbingly slow with massive rsyncs that will end up taking about 5 days to complete (still not done).

Unfortunately, I will probably have zero time to do much of anything with Mandriva after this and, quite honestly, I don’t know if there is any desire on my part to, or any desire on my new employer’s part either. I should probably be spending any “leisure” time farting around with Fedora or RHEL at this point.

So good luck all my many friends, past and present, at Mandriva and in the Mandriva community! Strange and (hopefully!) wonderful things lie in store for me, I think. I’m excited and nervous, but up for the change and challenge moving to Red Hat will give me.


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