Well, I’ve played WoW for about 2 years now… it doesn’t do much for me anymore. I had hopes with the Burning Crusade expansion and it was pretty neat playing an over-sized smurf for a while, but now it’s pretty much all the same old thing. Kinda frustrating, feels like it’s more of a chore than a joy to play.

Tried this new one from SOE the other day: Vanguard Saga of Heroes. Very nice graphics… almost too nice. Can’t play the damn thing without it being all choppy and stuff, even when I meet the recommended requirements. Aaaargh! Looks like EverQuest on steroids (the original EverQuest, mind you, not EQ2). Oh well. I don’t think much will be happening with that one beyond the initial 30 days. Pretty disappointed; it had some concepts that I thought would make a nice change from WoW, but it’s barely playable (well, it is playable, but not nearly as fluid/smooth as WoW is and come on, I don’t have crappy hardware either so it’s pretty irritating).

Oh well. Maybe it’s time to hang up the MMoRPG hat for a little while and spend more time playing Gears of War.

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