I read a moment ago on /. Canada’s New DMCA Considered Worst Copyright Law and was horrified. The link is to this article on the Globe and Mail: A new copyright law is coming.

All Canadians need to do their part to protest this obscene piece of potential legislature. I’m not normally a protester or even marginally political… I’ve always dutifully voted, but I’ve never protested anything. Michael Geist has a good bit of information if you want to do more than shake your head: 30 Days of DRM: 30 Things You Can Do.

For myself, I emailed the following today:

From: Vincent Danen To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Bcc: Subject: Rejection of DMCA-modeled copyright law in Canada Reply-To: X-URL: http://linsec.ca/ X-PGP-Key: http://linsec.ca/vdanen.asc X-PGP-Key-ID: 0xFEE30AD4 X-PGP-Key-Fingerprint: 7F6C A60C 06C2 4811 FA1C A2BC 2EBC 5E32 FEE3 0AD4

Good morning. I’m writing this morning to express my views on this new proposed copyright law as noted here:


This is absolutely disgusting and I find it insulting that Canadians should have to follow the mess that America has made of DRM. May I remind you that we pay a levy on all recordable media to allow us the freedom to make backups for personal use? What happened to the concept of fair use?

I was proud to be Canadian knowing that the garbage the RIAA was pulling in the US would not come north of the border.

I also find it ridiculous in the extreme that the Canadian government would put the concerns of big business (especially foreign big business) before the concerns of the Canadian public. May I remind you all that the Canadian government is elected by the Canadian people and not by corrupt and greedy corporations, particularly those not even based in this country?!?

My understanding is that very little of the levy has actually reached Canadian artists, if any at all. That mismanagement of tax should not be an excuse to ratify some obscene bill to appease greedy corporate America.

I, and I know many of my fellow Canadians, appreciate the freedoms we have as Canadians. Please think twice before you turn this country into the same digital-rights-sewer that is currently the USA.

— Vincent Danen @ http://linsec.ca/

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