Well, I’ve been on holidays for two weeks now, with just a little less than a week to go. Talk about busy vacations!

That first week I spent a fair amount of time working on Annvix just because I don’t have time otherwise to really get in there and work on it, especially the more time consuming stuff like merging in the Mandriva changes for apache and a few other big packages, so it was good to get some of that stuff done. That kept me pretty busy for that whole first week.

This week, not so much time spent in front of the computer. Mostly been entertaining my daughter (which is difficult and exhausting if you’re not used to it!) because my wife had surgery on Monday and has been pretty much in bed sleeping or unmoving since then (just a day surgery, so she’s been home, but she’s only really been feeling well since Thurs). Thank God for grandma’s to help entertain the kid and give me a break (oh, and check on the wife as well).

Hopefully next week I’ll get some more time to do more interesting things… not necessarily goof off on the computer although I did plan to do up some log monitoring scripts with swatch and socklog, and also play a bit with mod_security. We’ll see how things pan out. My only plans are to take Jayden swimming at some point.

Oh, and getting my passport… need to do that Monday before I forget (again).

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