Well, my beloved Saft is still not updated for Safari 3… there’s a beta for Safari 3 that works on Tiger, but nothing that works on Leopard. Which makes Safari almost useless, although I did find in the History menu bar the option “Reopen All Windows From Last Session”. Well, thanks for making a half-assed attempt there… no quick key shortcut, no option to make that the default behaviour in the preferences… nothing. Utterly lame. And without Saft to automate that for me, Safari looks less and less appealing.

Although, now I’ve decided to do an impromptu benchmark (in terms of memory and CPU utilization when idle) of Camino, Safari, and OmniWeb. I had settled on using Camino as the default browser, but now I’m not so sure.With the same 14 tabs open in each browser, Camino is idling at 21.9% CPU, 23 threads, and 143.43MB of real memory. Safari on the other hand is utilizing 0.5% CPU, 14 threads, and 149.12MB memory. OmniWeb is using 0.6% CPU, 25 threads, and 178.87MB memory.

I dunno… the memory usage is roughly the same across the board, but the CPU usage while idling makes me think Safari or OmniWeb. I like the fact that Safari is using less memory but.. well, with 7GB of RAM I can afford to be excessive. =) Both load pages with relatively the same speed it feels like, so I think that OmniWeb with it’s much superior session features will be the default for the time being.

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