Well, I’ve always had Tux hanging around the rear-view mirror of my Jetta and when we got the Sportage I had to fight with the wife to (ahem) borrow the Tux that my daughter had… aquired… from my office and hang it from the rear-view mirror of the Sportage. Of course I was able to. But when I bought the car I got one of those personalized vanity plates (always wanted one… would say LINUX or TUX or something). Anyways, it came in the mail today… amazing timing.

So… honk if you see the Annvix-mobile! Mind you, I listen to my tunes pretty loud so I might not hear you, but honk anyways. Oh, and if my wife looks at you wierd, it’s ok. =)

Apparently that has happened before… she had two young guys screaming “Yeah Linux rocks!” out their window at her one day (I have a bunch of Linux bumber stickers on the Jetta) and she got frightened by how excited they seemed.


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