In light of my recent (mis-)adventures with Fedora 18 installation in VMware Fusion and the need to figure out some systemd stuff, I’ve started writing a hints/tip sheet type entry on my wiki: Systemd. Far from complete yet, but I’m going to use it to document some hints, tricks, light-bulb-moments, and comparisons to SysV-init tools (chkconfig, service). I’m no stranger to alternative boot/service management systems but it indeed makes me chuckle when people were complaining about Annvix using runit to manage the init system. I definitely appreciate the work gone into Systemd (having done a similar thing myself for Annvix although obviously not anywhere near the scale/scope of Systemd!), so do want to learn it as opposed to using old scripts as a crutch-interface to the new stuff. So as I likely stumble across various bits of useful info, I’ll be adding it to that wiki article if anyone else is interested in checking it out (or perhaps giving me tips… like how the heck do I actually get gettys to run in!! I want a working CTRL-ALT-F2/F3 to login at the console please!!).

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