TeaganI don’t normally post things like this… how could you? With so much need in the world, you could post about kids every day, multiple times a day, and still not cover them all. But this one is special. Teagan is a family friend, and so I have to mention it in the hopes that there are people reading who will contribute a little to help with her recovery. Just over a year ago, Teagan had a prolonged seizure that caused severe brain damage. As a result, she was left blind, unable to communicate, and had lost full control of her body — but she was fully aware of what was going on around her. In the last year she has come a long way from that point, but is still not fully functioning yet. Now the family has the opportunity to bring Teagan to the Life Functional Neurology Center in Marietta, Georgia.

www.treatment4teagan.org has a lot of information about her and the treatment the family is seeking. You can also donate there; they need $10,000 to get her down there for a week of assessment, treatment (this includes travel and accommodation).

What has happened to Teagan has profoundly affected our family. Her parents were married out at my in-law’s acreage. My daughter is close friends with Teagan’s older sister (in fact, she’s going for a sleep over tomorrow!). Her family is like extended family to us, and we’ve seen what’s been going on. I don’t normally ask for money or donations, but this is a worthy cause. If you find it in your heart to donate a few dollars to help get Teagan the treatment that can give her her life back, please do so. We would all very much appreciate it!

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