Came across this good HOWTO on HowtoForge entitled The Perfect Desktop: Mandriva 2007 Spring Free (Mandriva 2007.1). Pretty good write up, although there's too many pictures for my liking. I guess that makes a good visual HOWTO tho. Goes into detail on how to setup the PLF archives, install external apps like P2P apps (not that that really matters to me), but also stuff like installing the Flash plugin, Acrobat Reader, and how to use Ben Reser's (quite old, actually) MS core TrueType fonts bootstrap RPM package (I had completely forgotten about this; this was probably the only real thing out of the HOWTO of value to me since the rest is fairly obvious or just doesn't apply to me and my sound-lacking laptop (such as support for playing DVDs, etc.).

All in all, a good tutorial to read if you want to tweak Mandriva 2007.1 to get a few extras that we don't/can't ship out-of-the-box.