Well, sort of.

Annvix is not coming back as an operating system like it used to be, but rather a repository of packages for RHEL/CentOS (currently just version 5). There is very little there right now: a new version of openssh and a new version of logwatch. It will increase as time permits. I do plan on “porting” some of the stuff I had done for Annvix to RHEL5; things like rsec, AIDE+GPG, runit, scripts to use with runit, etc. Essentially those things that were fun to deal with on Annvix, but without the pain of managing a whole OS.

If you feel like giving it a go, just execute:

# rpm -ivh http://repo.annvix.org/media/EL5/x86_64/annvix-release-1.0-2.el5.avx.x86_64.rpm

on your RHEL5 or CentOS5 install (change x86_64 to i386 if you’re using an x86 system). If you have the priority plugin setup on CentOS, make sure you edit /etc/yum.repos.d/annvix.repo and add:

priority = 1

or something suitable. The annvix.org web site will be updated at some point to reflect that Annvix is a repository add-on to RHEL5 now instead of a stand-alone OS.

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