You know, almost every single article that I’ve ever bothered to read on OSNews has been pure crap, to put it politely, and I wonder why these idiots haven’t gotten a clue yet. Their latest piece of editorial or user-submitted idiocy is entitled UNIX Security - Don’t Believe the Truth where the idiot author is claiming that Linux/OS X security is fantastic because a virus or malware while, being unable to break the entire system, can wipe out the user’s home directory and then continues on indicating that the average home user doesn’t care about system files but about pictures of little Billy at Christmas with his finger up his nose, which is what makes Linux/OS X just as secure as Windows and delivers a false sense of security. Huh?

Of course, the author says, a backup would take care of this but because everyone feels that Linux/OS X is so secure, why do they need a backup? I quote:

Of course, they should make backups— but wasn’t Linux supposed to be secure? So why should they backup? Isn’t Linux immune to viruses and what not? Isn’t that what the Linux world has been telling them?

Ummm… excuse me? Ever heard of a hard drive failure? Ever heard of your wife deleting your porn collection? Ever hear of the three year old monkeying around and deleting something by accident? Backups don’t belong to windows in the same vein that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other malware detection/removal programs do. Backups existed long before Windows. Why? Because, yes, data is important and yes, people accidentally “rm -rf” stuff (I’ve done it many times). It’s not because we think we need a backup because we’re gonna get nailed with some malware. Apparently this… person… thinks that backups are the sole province of Windows users.

Idiots of the world unite! It’s people like this, who have their constant and irritating Windows vs. Linux crud that really get under my skin because it’s essentially a case of the blind leading the blind or the idiots leading the stupid. OSNews, a site that has never received an ounce of respect from me, really has issues when they let this kind of crud go through.

Of course, the readers seem to have issues too because they all argue the wrong thing (the lack of malware on Linux and OS X) when they should be arguing the fact that only an idiot (yes, that is my favourite word today) would run a computer, pretend to have files that are important to them, and not have a backup of some sort of that data. Almost every computer now-a-days comes with a CD-RW and/or a DVD+-RW. How bloody hard is it to copy said picture of Billy doing gross things at Christmas onto a disc so you can use it to embarrass him at his wedding?

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