Well, a friend sent one of those app invites on Facebook today and largely I ignore them but this one was “which bible character are you most like” and she said it was “scary accurate”. So I answered the 5-6 questions, stuff like “do you believe in God”, “do you love God”, “what kind of music do you listen to”, “what are your hobbies”… of course, the guy who did the app can’t spell so one strike against it there.

Anyways, at the end it tells you that you need to send invites to 12 people in order to see who you’re most like. No thanks… I’m not gonna spam people with that junk. Anyways, back to my profile page and lo-and-behold there’s this big red devil head on there and the bible character app is telling me that out of all the people in the bible, I’m most like Satan.

Of course, I just kinda stared at it for a bit before removing the app (although the results stay on my page until they get shuffled off). But… seriously… wtf?!? Ok, I answered my favourite music was heavy metal but everything else pretty pro-God.

I’m starting to think that quiz is rigged and there are only three answers… Jesus, Satan, and Moses. I guess if I answered I listen to gospel music I’d be like Jesus, and if I listened to pop I’d be like Moses. Oh wait… maybe pop would make me like Jesus (i.e. that Jesus Christ Superstar nonsense).

Normally I find Facebook tolerable at best and don’t think it’s really worth mentioning, but this one really kinda cracked me up.

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