No, I’m not throwing one although it would be amusing… sad thing is, I’m geekish and all my friends know it, and a large majority of them (also sadly) use Windows yet I think if I threw a Windows 7 house party… no one would show. I’m quite certain all my friends would think it silly. Heck, I’d have more luck getting people to my place if I threw a Partylite candle party!

But, the whole thing is highly amusing. First, you have to look at the videos. These are priceless. I must know how much you get paid to look so dang happy showing people the marvels of an innovative “search” feature. Seriously, you need to check these out. I can’t say they’re good for a laugh… they’re not. But they’re certainly bewildering and bewitching… like… well, nothing comes to mind. But don’t watch the introductory video (well, if you must, go for it)… it’s long and I was almost crying by the end of it. Yeah, it’s that bad. Here it is: Windows 7 house party host help videos.

The reason why I post this isn’t to necessarily mock Microsoft. They’re doing a fine job of that themselves. But I wanted to point out an absolutely brilliant piece of journalism that was written because of these videos and is extremely amusing. (Thanks Maurice for posting the link on the ELUG list!). Microsoft’s grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse?.

I’ll forgive you if you don’t watch the videos. Only a morbid fascination had me watch three of them (and by then it was just so patently ridiculous I couldn’t justify spending another moment watching more), but this article is pure genius. Some of the comments are mighty amusing as well.

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