I find the computer industry, as pertaining to Microsoft “innovation” quite laughable. But the thing I find most amusing is that people buy this whole “we’re Microsoft and we innovate”. I don’t think Redmond has come out with an original idea in, well, years. But people don’t see this. It’s funny, this particular comment made on a CNet story talking about AppArmor:

I’d love to but… in which an individual who’s been programming for 21+ years and says ‘This emulation mentality means that you are always working on implementing Microsoft’s latest offering while Microsoft is working hard on “the next big thing”.‘.

The next big thing? Like what? Let’s take a quick look at Vista and what it has to offer. Pretty much everything the OS X users have had since Tiger, if not Panther. But this video a friend sent me speaks louder than what I could say about it:

Windows Vista: First of a Kind Features?


Windows Vista: A Revolution in Information Access?

The videos are quite informative. And goes to show just how much Redmond “innovates”. Or, maybe they do innovate and they came up with all these ideas and someone within Microsoft has been leaking all of this to Apple who has the technical skills and expertise to deliver on the idea almost two years before Vistas’s projected end-of-2006 release date?


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