Read an interesting piece on Lifehacker that pointed to an article entitled Working From Home: 10 Unconscious Cues to Create a Work-Life Balance. Being a remote worker for Red Hat, and before that Mandriva, I’ve worked full-time at home for about 10 years now. (Man, I feel old!)

Anyways, there are 10 tips in the article and most of them I do in moderation… separation between “work” and “home” can be difficult sometimes because I hate leaving things undone, and there are opportunities aplenty to work longer hours… of course, the reality is that you’re never done. Ever. At least not with what I’m doing… there’s always something else to do… a new vulnerability to chase, scripts to update and/or tweak, patches to hunt down, you name it. But, I’ve been getting better at the home/work separation and when I started with Red Hat I promised myself that more of that separation would be coming. It has almost worked. =)

Out of the 10 tips, the hardest one for me is #1: Get Dressed. Hmmm… I guess that means I shouldn’t be working in my PJ’s all the time. Dang.

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