This week’s mac techmail was 1Password for Mac OS X: One program to store them all which is an introduction to the immensely useful 1Password program. If you have a mac and you don’t have 1Password, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. 1Password stores passwords (browsers, database, SSH logins, etc.), serial numbers, and notes in an encrypted keychain format. It has plugins for the mac browsers that let’s you autofill password information in sites meaning you have one place to store your passwords and they are accessible from all browsers (and you can add new login info from any browser). To make it even better, you can sync the 1Password keychain using Dropbox or whatever so the same keychain can be used on different systems.

This is probably the absolute best password management app I’ve ever laid eyes on. The companion iPhone/iPod Touch app is icing on the cake. Well worth checking out if you haven’t played with it before.

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