As with the Linux tips, I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected the mac tips, so here they are:

Power up your Apple Mail with MailTags and Mail Act-On discusses two very useful plugins for Apple Mail. With these plugins you can put Mail on steroids with some great filtering additions, tags, outbound filters, smart mailboxes, and easy commands to manipulate your mail. Really nice tools if you’re a mail power user.

Choose which folders you want to encrypt with Espionage talks about Espionage, a really awesome tool for encrypting specific directories and application data. I love this tool; with it I can have the important data on my laptop encrypted with AES-256 encryption (military-grade) such as email so that if the laptop is every stolen, and if they manage to get to the contents of the hard drive (trivial if they have physical access) they still can’t get to the important encrypted data. As an aside, there is a MacUpdate promo bundle right now that includes Espionage.

Evaluating Google Chrome on the Mac takes a look at Google Chrome and how it stacks up against Safari and Firefox on the mac. While I like the security model (sandboxing, etc.) in Chrome, I really can’t stand it and I hate how it phones home all the time (thanks, Little Snitch) even when you tell it not to. Still Safari and Firefox for me, but worth keeping an eye on.

Seven maintenance tips to optimize Mac performance which looks at a number of common sense steps to take to keep your mac in optimal shape.

Installing development tools with fink talks about one of my all-time favourite tools on OS X: Fink. It’s a quick primer on how to install and search for stuff to install via Fink.

How is VirtualBox on the Mac? takes a look at VirtualBox, compared to Parallels and VMWare Fusion, on the mac. If you want the executive summary: it’s not my favourite. Read the tip for why.

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