It’s been nearly a year in the works, but the next version of Annvix is out (2.0-RELEASE). You can read the (relatively short) “PR” on the Annvix blog announcement.

Anyways, I’m just happy it’s done with. Trying to get this release out in a timely fashion, with all the other demands on my time (work, the family, and now the wife has me renovating a bathroom for crying out loud) has been a bit of a challenge but it’s done now and I can a) finish that bathroom, b) play a little more warcraft, and c) quit smoking.

Yeah, Feb 1st has come and gone and I’m still puffing… of course, quitting while trying to get a release out isn’t the smartest thing ever so tomorrow is a new day and the release is done so I just have to deal with normal work-stress now. =) Should make quitting a piece of cake.

To my comrades in Paris… if I seem overly bitchy this coming week at least you’ll know why! Withdrawl sucks.

Anyways… yaaaaa… another quiet release with little fanfare. Time to enjoy my last cigarette and have something bubbly to go with it (hmmm… only kahlua in the house.. and it’s 11:30pm… could either go to a bar to get something bubbly or have a shot or two of kahlua… too lazy, too cold, and don’t feel like wiping down the car (it’s snowing right now).. I’ll enjoy the kahlua).

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