Funny the timing of these things. When I got my ANNVIX license plate it was within a day (if I remember correctly) of 1.1-RELEASE going out. Looks like it’s the same this time. Picked up the Annvix-mobile this afternoon after about 2.5 months of being in the shop since it got smashed up the beginning of December. Looks like new again!

Anyways, if it wasn’t for my drive issue, I would have put 1.2-RELEASE out today. As a result, it will likely go out sometime tomorrow, but wierd that I got my car back the day that I planned to put 1.2-RELEASE out. The Annvix-mobile new.. and wanted to be home to celebrate. =)

You have no idea how blessed I am. It’s amazing how…. can’t say lucky because I don’t believe in luck, but it’s an apt word since I’ve used “blessed” already and hate repeating myself… anyways… It’s amazing how lucky we’ve been with this whole incident. Initially my wife got a ticket because the cops said she was driving too fast for the road conditions (although we know she wasn’t). About two weeks ago we got a letter saying the charges were dismissed (she was going to go to court to fight it) so we didn’t have to pay the ticket (about \(170), and our insurance didn't go up (in Alberta here, we have this thing called fault insurance... long to explain but suffice it to say, insurance premiums going up is based on whether or not you were at fault). Well, our insurance was set to renew this month (tomorrow actually) and on notification of our new premiums, they never changed. So we're not paying extra due to the accident (blessing #2). Then I get the car today and am told I don't have to pay the deductable (\)500); the insurance company said we didn’t have to pay it (blessing #3). Lucky for us, we got a loaner car from the body shop for 2 months so no car rental fees (blessing #4). Finally, thank God for insurance because the repairs for this car with less than 2400km on it was almost $14,000.

So what did this experience cost me? A helluvalot of patience and a little bit of stress, but as far as money goes… not a dime. I can honestly say that I feel “blessed and highly favoured”. Amen!

My car is home!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?!?)

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