Last week when I had my little hard drive fiasco, and about 15 minutes after writing my blog entry, I realized I had lost my phone… a motorola v710. Figuring that it was either at the colo or at the one convenience store I had stopped at on my home, I went out at 1:30am to look for it. Couldn’t find it.

I need my phone… =) And since I’m already on a contract, I’d be buying a new phone outright. I like the v710, but it doesn’t sync worth crap with my mac. I can get my calendars from iCal via bluetooth, but no contacts which seems pretty lame. So my choice became another v710 with the data kit ($399 for the phone and about $50 for the kit), the new motorola RAZR (nice looking phone but after googling has the same problems with syncing that the v710 does (dang Telus for gutting the bluetooth support!!), or getting a Palm Treo which I know will sync because, well, my Tungsten does.

Considering the Treo was $449, or about $100 more than the v710, I figured I’d go with it. I’m so glad I did. I love this thing! My Tungsten is nice, but it’s old and slow… the Treo is nice and fast. And I like the fact that I can stick dang near anything on there, and that I don’t need to carry around both a phone and a palm. I’ve also discovered that Bejeweled 2 runs on the palm.. I registered it within hours. The first Bejeweled was good (I believe you can play it online too), but Bejeweled 2 smokes it.

Anyways, the Treo is great. I’m loving this thing. I spend too much time playing Bejeweled (perhaps part of the reason I’m not writing here much).

Oh, and the afternoon I bought and activated the Treo, my v710 turned up. It was in the colo. I thought I had dropped it at the store and I’d never see it again. Anyone want to buy a six-month-old v710? =(

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