Well, the wife managed to mash the Annvixmobile yesterday morning… geez, dealing with a car accident is no fun. Insurance, police reports… waiting 4hrs for a tow truck (yeah, yesterday was a great day for accidents).

Wasn’t her fault at all… and no big deal.. heck, it’s just a car (a nice one, but whatever). Insurance will cover it, premiums will go up.. life goes on. Big PITA in dealing with all the “after” stuff tho. What a timesink yesterday was. Anyways, pretty much the whole frontend got torn to shreds… the rest of it looks ok so I should know by the end of the week whether or not it’s a write-off or not. Personally, I hope it is… then we can get something new. I don’t know if I’ll fully trust a car that’s had that much damage to it. I’ll know in a few days I guess.

I’m just glad she’s ok… banged her head a bit… sore muscles, a bit shook up… but nothing more serious than that. The other guys in the truck that she hit are ok to, so that’s good… and my daughter wasn’t in the car so that’s even better. Really stupid tho… slippery roads, uncontrolled intersection… the idiots in the truck were going much faster than they should have been and even tho my wife stepped on the brakes, she slid right into them (then proceeded to do a 360 (twice) and ended up on the sidewalk… thank God no one was taking their dog for a walk right then). So even tho my wife got a ticket (they said excessive speed, but they couldn’t prove it), we’re gonna go to court next month to fight it (I really don’t feel like paying a $170 ticket.. nice kick in the ass on top of getting a car with 2382km smashed up). I figure since her air bags didn’t deploy, she couldn’t have been going that fast (I read that in the manual… hmmm… I must be a geek… I read a car manual).

Oh well. Today I managed to get more accomplished (hello perl), but yesterday was a bit of a write-off.

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