I’ve been reading one of the most useless threads on Cooker (the mailing list) I’ve seen yet. Entitled “CasElOVeRs” it’s a… errr… “discussion” regarding the changing of all package names to lowercase for package names. And judging by the size of this thread, everyone has an opinion.

My only question is this: WHO CARES?!?! Geez! You’d think people had nothing better to do than to see if “mysql” is better than “MySQL” or if we should change perl-Archive-Tar to perl-archive-tar! Big deal? Good grief… there is so much stuff that needs doing before the 2007 release and literally days have been spent discussing one of the most retarded things I’ve seen on that list (and trust, me I’ve seen some really stupid threads on there).

Blows my mind.

Oh, in other news, I’ve setup a new Annvix Developer’s Blog so that discussion of all things Annvix can occur there. I’ve also told Sean he needs to blog abit about what he’s doing in Annvix as well so it should provide some nice insight into the different things we’re doing, challenging, and accomplishing. I figured having a strict Annvix blog was better than the little smattering of Annvix tidbits I was posting here.

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