Anyone have any experience with this? I may end up (and will be proposing) that the school my wife works for looks into replacing their (falling apart, IMHO) Win2k server using Active Directory for the domain controller and whatnot to a solution using Samba and OpenLDAP (and I’m presuming kerberos).

Are there any good HOWTOs out there? Is this something quite difficult? Anyone have any ideas how many man-hours this might take to accomplish and if there’s a way to migrate the data from AD to OpenLDAP?

I’m using OpenLDAP for PAM-based authentication, and I have it setup on one samba server to use LDAP for auth, but couldn’t make it work on a second one (although I didn’t try very hard). But I’ve never tried to do something like this. Problem is they have about 30+ windows clients ranging from 98 to XP and everything in between, so a drop-in replacement for the AD server would be best.

Doable? Feasible?

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