Good Lord… I just found out from the owner of the house next door (who was renting the house to her step-son and his friends for the last 2 years) that they’ve been growing pot in the basement and have been selling ecstasy and crystal meth out of the house. And one of the guys is a heroin-addict.

I mean, you’d have to be an idiot to not know they were selling drugs out of the place, but I had just assumed they were selling marijuana. I had no idea they were selling crystal meth! Thankfully, they weren’t making it in there, but it’s bad enough that we were having meth-heads coming next door to pick up their fix.

I have a four year-old daughter. Thank God those idiots were kicked out. The last thing I need is to find needles in my yard or have someone decide to do a drive-by because they jerked someone off on a drug buy. I’m completely floored.


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