I should have been doing other work today, but there was nothing super urgent so I decided to dedicate the day to converting content from the old TWiki-based Mandriva Community Wiki over to the new system (using MediaWiki). What an utterly boring job. Dries out the eyes too. Let’s see… from about 9am to 11pm I’ve been working on the site… less 2hrs to watch The Empire Strikes Back and 1hr to play some World of Warcraft (gotta give them eyes a break from all that copy-paste-re-format).

Good lord what an immense job that was. And what a mess that wiki was! Pages with 3 lines of text on it?? What?!? You gotta be kidding me. That’s not good organization there. Makes it harder than necessary to use. So it was a matter of re-organization to make things more logical, combining pages that should have been single pages in the first place, and then adding a bit of style to make things stand out more. Of course, each page still has to be re-checked and not everything is imported but, honestly… 11hrs of working on that thing is more than enough. Time for the community to take the reigns and finish it off (although I may lend a hand yet). Might do some more tomorrow, once I build those PHP updates.

Anyways, the new site is up and I think it looks good. http://mandriva.vmlinuz.ca/ is the URL. It’s certainly faster than TWiki. I’ll take PHP-based over Perl-based anyday. And once I throw mcache support in there, it should be even faster since it should cut down database hits by about 90% or more (which is always a good thing).

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